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Welcome to India like, Here you can find everything about India. Like great History of India, Festivals in India, Historical places in India, Different culture of different states, Rivers and Mountains etc. And also World Information, World Geography, country Information, Country Location, Country Population, Country Currency

India is the country having 26 States and 7 union territories. Each state and place in India has an interesting history. People belong to Different cast and religions live happily in the country. You can meet more than 3000 cast’s people in India. There are five mega cities in India, Which are Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata and Ahmadabad. People of India are festive lovers. You can find information about different Indian festivals like Diwali, Holi, Makarsankranti, pateti and others. You can know about the different tourist places in India like Kashmir, Shimla, Aabu, Jodhpur, Agra etc. We are also giving you the information about STD, ISD and Postal code for India, As well as news about Indian Parliament. You are also able to know about Indian Relways and Air transport.

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So, Here You can find the whole information about India and its culture and about the whole world with fun. I am sure that you will enjoy and get something that you have never know by visiting
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